NEW WORKSHOP! 3 Steps to Engaging Clients with Your App [now!]

It’s your job as a realtor to make your clients dreams a reality. Now you have an app that will help you do just that. All you have to do is share that app to grow your network!

But where exactly do you share it? And how do you share it without being completely weird or awkward? And where in the world can you find the time to do all this sharing??

The good news is we have worked with many top agents who have given us their proven steps to do just that.

In this workshop we’re going to walk you through these steps to grow your sphere, so you can lay the groundwork to have a thriving network of leads when your market picks back up.

During this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Implement the app sharing strategies top agents are using RIGHT now to grow a network of people who want to do business with you when the market picks up
  • Know which app sharing strategies are the best for you and why your app is a necessary tool to make a big impact on your clients
  • Share your app where your people are – on the phone, email, text, and social media and snag templates you can use to effectively follow up

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App Marketing: 3 Steps to Engaging Clients with Your App [now!]

The live workshop will be Wednesday, April 29th at 3pm Eastern  | 12pm Pacific.

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