Not a “Tech-Savvy” Real Estate Pro? How a Little Initiative on the Part of a “Tech Challenged” Agent Closed A Deal with her new Real Estate App

When we chat with real estate agents and brokers about our mobile real estate app, oftentimes the phrase “not tech-savvy” arises as to why they have not yet implemented a real estate app for their business. While we do understand that real estate mobile applications can be a little daunting to real estate pros who have succeeded without one for the duration of their career, the fact remains that to be relevant in today’s real estate market, with its increasingly-mobile client-base, agents and brokers alike simply MUST add a branded or White Label real estate application to their real estate tool kit.Prudential Indiana Mobile Real Estate Application

Craig West, the VP of Business Development for our White Label Partner, Prudential Indiana Realty Group, called in last week to share with us his first success story since launching their Prudential Indiana Realty Mobile app last month. Craig has been hands-on in the training aspect of the app for their 460 real estate agents.  Between Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, he held four training sessions.  One agent attended all four sessions as she herself admitted that she is “not very tech-savvy” but is finally ready to embrace the new real estate technology.  After the fourth training session, Craig sat with this agent and taught her how to put an e-card together to send out to her clients to announce her new linked agent application.  She was able to successfully get twelve e-cards out by the end of the week.

One of the recipients of her twelve e-cards was a gentleman that was interested in buying a house but was just not ready to pull the trigger. Can you relate?

Well, when this prospective home buyer received her e-card announcing her new mobile real estate app, he downloaded it.  He ran a property search on a home he had been interested in and then continued to search other comparable houses in the area based on a multitude of real estate search criteria like price, property-type and location.  (Property search tools available within every real estate app powered by Smarter Agent). When he was unable to find a house that came close to matching up to the property he was thinking of buying, he knew he had to make a move.

The gentleman showed up at the Prudential Indiana office, with the app in his hand, went up to this “non-tech savvy” agent and told her that he was ready to make an offer.  He explained the events that had led him to come to this decision and she was ecstatic.  Her new real estate app worked!

The gentleman then proceeded to say, “I hope you don’t mind… but I shared your app with three guys at work.” Can you say “Viral Marketing”?

Needless to say, this agent’s success story has spread like wildfire in the Prudential Indiana’s real estate offices. Their agents and brokers are excited to be the next to close a deal with their new White Label real estate applications!

~ Sasha England, MLS Coordinator