We Passed the 400 Mark

Actually, 402 to be exact…

Four hundred and two is not the number of our Facebook fans or Twitter followers. Four hundred and two is the number of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) nationwide that Smarter Agent now has access to data for.

We’re thrilled to announce the five newest MLSs to join this list and take us over the 400 mark. Welcome Butte Board of Realtors MLS, Raccoon Valley MLS, Northeast Iowa MLS, West Central Iowa MLS and Newton MLS. Combined, these MLSs are the home to hundreds of real estate listings and market information.

What does passing the 400 mark mean for brokers, agents and franchises?

The opportunity to take their local real estate information mobile and access to more information nationwide for our Franchise clients.

Brokers and agents in any of the 402 MLSs that provide real estate information to Smarter Agent can now utilize the Smarter Agent platform to launch a mobile app for their office or personal business. These mobile apps offer brokers, agents and their clients a direct feed to the MLS giving them accurate, up-to-date real estate information available on major devices, like iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

For franchises with a national app, the addition of five new MLSs means that agents in these areas will now be able to utilize the franchise’s mobile app in their local area.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer more agents and brokers with an accurate source of real estate information available when they are on-the-go,” said Philip Charles-Pierre, CMO for Smarter Agent. “We look forward to working with agent, broker and franchise members within our five new MLSs to take their local real estate information mobile.”

For more information on the Smarter Agent suite of products, visit: http://home.smarteragent.com/products/