Proof is in the Pudding. Smarter Agent MLS Mobile App Participants Make their Mark in the App World and Increase Business.

After examining some of the MLSs that are participating in the free MLS Branded mobile app program, it is apparent that the free mobile app has made an impressive impact on their business.  On average, a Smarter Agent MLS mobile app is driving approximately 7,000 searches per month which in turn is leading to about 8,500 property views within the app itself.  These numbers are going to continue to grow dramatically as apps become the new internet. 

According to a new study from the Pew Internet Project, “Of those who have downloaded apps, nearly 2 in 3 said they use their apps daily, and 1 in 4 uses their apps for more than 30 minutes per day. Most (71%) use their apps alone, while roughly half use them while waiting for someone or something, or while at work.  Another 36% use their apps while commuting.”

These stats scream an opportunity for Real Estate. If your MLS members and consumers are already going app wild, why not be part of the action.  Looking at the Smarter Agent MLS mobile app statistics, the conversion rate from unique MLS app users to calls/emails generated from within the app are approximately 15%.  That is 15% of your MLS app users are going into the MLS app, conducting searches, and hitting the ‘call to see’ button in order to be connected to the listing agent.  By hitting the ‘call to see’ button 15% of the time, 15% more free leads are being generated for your members courtesy of their MLS.  That is a huge!

If you are an MLS that is currently not part of the Free MLS Branded Mobile app program, you need to ask yourself why.  Do you already have a basic mobile solution that you are content with?  Are you ok with providing second rate technology?  If the answer to these questions are no, then contact Smarter Agent and sign up for the best mobile solution out there.  Don’t just do it for your MLS, but for your consumers, for your brokers, for your agents, for real estate as a whole.  It’s time to join the mobile generation, sign up for your free MLS branded mobile app and see what all the fuss is about! 

~Sasha England, MLS Coordinator and Account Manager