Prudential Indiana Takes their Real Estate Brand Mobile

Today I had the privilege to help launch Prudential Indiana’s new real estate app during the 2012 Prudential Indiana Realty Business Conference.

As I was introduced by the company trainer, you could feel the excitement in the room as he stated, “We now have a [ Prudential Indiana] company app in iTunes and Android<Smarter Agent Real Estate Application Accolades markets. Not to mention, you have your own version you get all of the leads out of.”

By the time I got to the podium to start speaking, the majority of the room had their phones out searching the app stores and downloading the Smarter Agent real estate app. I asked who had already downloaded the app? Please keep in mind that this question was kept secret from the agents until it was announced moments before I took the stage. Over half of the room, 100 plus agents, had downloaded the Smarter Agent real estate app.

For the next two hours I divulged the details of the app and the marketing strategies Smarter Agent shares with their mobile app clients to help get their real estate application out to their target market. Towards the end, I fielded questions and watched as real estate agents young and old alike nodded their heads in agreement as facts were stated about the power of mobile.

Look out Indiana, home searches just got a little bit better and about 500 agents are excited to share their new mobile real estate tools with their clients!

~ Nick Smoot, Director of Business Development