QR Codes Offer an Opportunity for Realtors to Own their Own Technology

Imagine a tool that gives you access to complete MLS real estate data by just scanning a bar code. QR codes, partnered with Smarter Agent’s scalable platform, act as an integrated method to put real estate information in the palm of anyone’s  hands on nearly any mobile device imaginable. A few months ago, the company recently bought Toor.me (www.toorme.com), a single property website tool that is accessible through QR codes. Since then, Smarter Agent has implemented QR codes as a means to download mobile apps.

While opportunities exist for putting QR codes on sign riders and websites, the general consumer and broker can form a wider level of service and easier access to important real estate data. Inman News Released an article entitled, “QR Code Opportunities in Real Estate” that summed up how a realtor can essentially “own” the platform, the interaction, and the narrative using this technology. “Whenever real estate consumers see a QR code on a sign — anyone’s sign — they may choose to use your [the realtor] real estate QR app.” (Dewald) The author also comments about rebranding QR code apps to real estate, a concept that Smarter Agent has adopted for essentially all of their native apps.

Smarter Agent Mobile Real Estate QR Code

Smarter Agent partners can transform their custom downloader page URL with a QR code. Prospects can enter their phone number on that web page and receive a text message prompting them to download that partner’s mobile real estate search application.

“By hooking a QR reader app directly into your customer relationship system or your website profile, you can deepen the level of service you provide to customers. This goes beyond opening a Web page for the consumer to bookmark or email to themselves or forget.” (Dewald)

In other words, the downloader page isn’t just a page that the general homebuyer will save on their tool bar, it will be the gateway to a scalable and cascading mobile real estate search experience.

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Once the homebuyer has the mobile app on their phone, they can search the closest properties in their area using built in GPS searches or they can perform an advanced search outside their immediate area by city, state, address, zip code, or even listing number. This taps into “owning the narrative”, which is explained by Inman News:

“You can use this data to create a path for the visitor’s next on-the-street outing to look at property.” (Dewald)

By using the  Send to a Friend features within the application, you can send the entire app to others or save single listings and send them that also. Interested homebuyers can hit the Contact feature from within the app on any listing in their MLS area, and the call will go to the Smarter Agent partner that “owns” the app.

While QR codes are still in the beginning stages of their ascendance, realtors can adopt them as a tool to for their latest real estate search products and marketing strategies.