Two Questions that Matter to Real Estate Brands about Mobile Apps

If you take a look at any of our recent blog posts about the mobile landscape and mobile app statistics, you’ll see that brands are continuing to adopt mobile applications as marketing or engagement tools to drive targeted leads and increase sales. Here at Smarter Agent, we have made it our focus to offer our clients the best in a customized cascading mobile platform to allow for the farthest penetration into their target market as well as the highest, localized lead generation tool in that market.

How do we do it? Well, according to a recent post by the, brands are asking some pretty specific questions about mobile apps.  Read on to see how we answer two of them and have set ourselves apart in the industry by focusing on our clients’ needs.

1.      Can we create one mobile app and deploy it everywhere we want to be?

To be frank, how many quality leads would a mobile app offer if you weren’t able share it with your target market, across all mobile platforms? Imagine only releasing your mobile app to a segment of your market base, like only to Android users. All those Blackberry, iPhone and iPad owners would be firmly out of your mobile marketing reach. Not the kind of limitation any brand focusing on lead nurturing wants to face, right?

Smarter Agent’s mobile platform is device agnostic, meaning that it can be downloaded to and function on any mobile device available in the market today including tablets like iPad. Any of our clients can share their app via QR code, thru their downloader page on their website or via text code with anyone that owns a smart device of any kind to drive brand awareness and targeted lead generation.

Then we take it a step further. Offering our cascading mobile platform as a service, we allow for multi-tiered branding capabilities throughout any one organization, from the corporate headquarters down to the smallest office in the company. Individual offices, brokers and agents can each get custom branded applications to drive leads not only to their local brand, but to their corporation as a whole.

2.      Our U.S.-focused mobile app is extensive. How can we localize all that content for multiple international markets all at once?

For many brands, marketing dollars are focused on local marketing to garner the best results for individual offices, branches or sales teams. Local marketing makes tracking lead generation effectiveness much simpler and allows for a more targeted approach to content shares.

Real estate brands are and always have been local businesses. Even if you are an international realty company, you work with clients on a local basis sharing local real estate listings and criteria for the regions in which they intend to search for a home.

When a brand implements the Smarter Agent mobile platform, they have added a powerful, GPS-driven branding tool to their marketing arsenal. With a patent on location-based search, our mobile application allows for the localization of search results based on the search criteria or the location of the application user.

That means when a user performs a property search using their Smarter Agent powered real estate application, they can get results for a location they choose or they will get default results for the region in which they performed their real estate listings search.

If they are using a specific real estate office’s mobile app, they will be directed to contact that local broker or agent, no matter who the original listings agent is on the property. For any international company, the scenario works the same way.

Your local branches, offices, distributors or sales locations can all be part of your mobile application data thanks to the cascading platform Smarter Agent offers, all accessible from your branded mobile app and in the hands of your prospects and clients across all mobile platforms.

You simply can’t localize mobile content and lead generation more than that.

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager