REPOST FROM RETECHNOLOGY: Friday Freebie: Branded Mobile Apps from Smarter Agent

Take advantage of the ever-growing mobile market with this week’s Friday Freebie from Smarter Agent.

Free Setup on Branded Agent Apps

Smarter Agent’s Branded Apps are tailored just for you, with your name, phone number, and email address. All calls, texts, and emails go directly to you, regardless of the listing agent. Your competitor will not be marketed in your app, so you get to control your own market and brand. With your own app, you can establish direct relationships with customers, instead of having them come to you by way of aggregators and third parties who control your leads.

  • Smarter Agent will waive the setup fee on its Branded Apps when you use the code RE12.
  • Other features of the Branded Agent Apps include:
  • Customized tools for easy distribution and marketing
  • Access to powerful dashboard and statistics for usage tracking
  • Unlimited free downloads for your clients
  • Call and email tools, photo displaying capabilities, and GPS/geolocation technology

Visit Smarter Agent’s website to learn more.