Sharing is Caring! Mobile Applications and your Real Estate Business

The one life lesson I took away from kindergarten class with Mrs. Coleman was the importance of sharing. As any successful real estate broker knows, it is the open shaSmarter Agent Mobile Application ring of information between you and your clients that result in the much-sought-after trust between you which could then lead to a closed real estate deal.

Brokers thrive on successful client relationships. As a Broker, sharing the most up-to-date information and resources openly with your clients is the best way to see results in an exceedingly complex market.

To increase your closing rates, you want to stay top of mind with all your prospective clients as they browse through neighborhoods. With the explosion of mobile, applications can be a powerful tool to provide a great marketing outlet for any broker’s office to engage their prospects and stay ahead of a client’s needs.

Whether the client has a standard cell phone or a smart phone, they expect to be able to use their phone to search and find things while they are on the go.

That was the genesis of Smarter Agent’s development of applications for the real estate industry.

Your clients will easily be able to download a mobile application and instantly search the entire MLS using a GPS location search, address search, city, state or zip code search. Your clients will also be able to refine their search within any set of real estate results to find their perfect home.

So, share with your clients. Your business relies on your access to the best properties and the expediency you can bring to the deal. Real estate mobile applications not only allow you to share a powerful suite of tools with your clients, but to keep them brand aware as they shop for a home. Can you say, “Win, Win”?

~ Michelle Casey, Smarter Agent Account Manager