Smarter Agent Mobile Marketing Tip for Real Estate

If you’re a real estate agent or broker, chances are you have a dedicated region that you focus on for your real estate transactions. When you implement a mobile real estate application to build your business and your brand, there is a definitive need to be sure that you are reaching your target market effectively, and that means enhancing your mobile presence locally to drive business in your selected geo-target range.

One of things that Smarter Agent prides itself on is giving real estate agents and brokers a real estate tool that allows them to do just that; drive local awareness and prospects to their brand. This is especially true if an agency has a more narrow geographical presence rather than regional or even national – although Smarter Agent does provide solutions for national or even international real estate brands as well.

Since mobile marketing is a newer tool for many businesses, it’s important that real estate brands claim their place in the mobile real estate arena now to best their competitors. According to recent Google mobile statistics, 40% of all mobile searches coming to Google are local in nature at this point, which continues to trend upward” and that “the proximity of a local business to a user’s location will become a targeting variable when serving ads to mobile users.”

As per an SRI Services article, 71% of the e-business managers don’t have the experience and skills to do their own localized mobile marketing.” SRI suggests finding a Mobile Marketing Consultant that works with a geo-targeted mobile marketing platform.

Did we mention we own the patent for mobile location-triggered searching?

Smarter Agent acts as your real estate brand’s mobile marketing consultant, providing the mobile marketing tools and expertise that you need to get ahead of the game. The best thing about it is that not only can we build mobile solutions for any-sized franchise, but also for individual agents. It is a great way for agents to differentiate themselves and capture a larger market share.

With a Smarter Agent branded real estate app you get your own unique text code to put on all of your marketing materials. For example, Text YOURCODE to 87778 to View all homes for Sale!. Another thing that is great is that we use the full IDX feed from the agent or broker’s MLS and ALL calls go back to the realtor, regardless of who listed the property! So ALL local listings, all calls go back to the local realtor, regardless of who the original listing agent happens to be.

As a real estate agent or broker, your business has always been “local”. That doesn’t have to change when you take your brand mobile. In fact, with a real estate application from Smarter Agent, your clients will enjoy the most targeted and accurate local home search tools available in the industry, which means their home searches and consequently, your transactions, will move faster. Is your real estate brand mobile?

~ Michael Mercer, Account Manager