Smarter Agent Partner Balsley Losco Sees the Power of Branded Real Estate Mobile Apps

In a recent article by the Press of Atlantic City, Smarter Agent partner Balsley Losco was highlighted as an innovator in the local real estate industry due to the implementation of their real estate mobile applications.

Any REALTOR will tell you that timing is everything when it comes to increasing leads and closing more deals. Your brand (and your listings of course) simply has to be top of mind when the time comes that real estate intenders in your area are looking to find a home. In answer to a consumer market that is increasingly mobile with more than 1.08 billion smart phones worldwide, REALTORS like our partner Balsley Losco understand that to they need to effectively, and more importantly efficiently, reach the real estate-intending consumer market. With that in mind, they have turned to mobile technology from Smarter Agent to put their brand and their listings literally into the hands of their target market.

 “The Balsley Losco app provides such information about all the homes for sale nearest to the customer and their phone.’It gives you up-to-date research right to any smartphone, and access to all homes for sale listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) throughout our entire South Jersey-area market,’ said Carlo Losco, president of Balsley Losco.”

“Losco said the firm partnered with Smarter Agent, a leader in realty technology, to develop an app that’s highly customized for his independent agency.‘Now all of my agents, when they cast out that code, the client becomes theirs,” he said.

The choice of a local real estate firm like Balsley Losco to implement cutting edge mobile real estate tools from Smarter Agent to the benefit of their real estate consumers and their brand epitomizes the mobile wave that is driving successful REALTORS today.

The clock is ticking on the real estate sluggishness of the last few years. No economic trend lasts forever. Balsley Losco is ready to run when the real estate market solidifies. Is your real estate office mobilized?

~Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager