Smarter Agent Real Estate Partner Highlight – Scott Nelson, Wolfson Cutler Real Estate

As part of our regular customer outreach, we often chat with our mobile real estate partners to see how the Smarter Agent real estate application is working for them and their business.

Recently, we chatted with Scott Nelson of the Real Estate Radio Show and Wolfson Cutler Real Estate in Medford, MA about how our mobile real estate application has driven advancements in his real estate business.

SA –           What technology advances have you seen make a difference for RE in your tenure?

SN –                Since my beginning in real estate (nine years ago), technology has made huge jumps in making our jobs more efficient and consumer friendly. When I started mobile internet access was severely limited to major web sites that had scaled sites and the basic of email/web sharing opportunities with consumers. It was still a very paper-centric world then. Over time listings became enriched online but also technology allowed for more mobile uses and access to not only the public but also local real estate professionals. Graphically, mobile is light years ahead now of what was once mainly grainy low resolution data and pictures. Now HD pics, videos and enhanced listings are easily available with the touch or swipe of a finger. With the addition of GPS, data sources and not only mobile but intuitive search engines real estate has become much more easily accessible and far more accurate.

SA –    How does mobile deviate/stand out from other technological advances in Real estate that you’ve seen?

SN –                Mobile has seen some of the greatest leaps in the last several years. The graphic interfaces, bandwidth access and resolution coupled with connectivity make so many fine details available to the greatest population of consumers and real estate professionals as well. You now have more access & ability to investigate and share so much more data and details than ever before right in the palm of your hand with mobile devices.

SA –           What advantages have you noticed with the Smarter Agent app?

SN –                Well first and foremost, I love how Smarter Agent works on all platforms, no need to worry about network, carrier or device issues. My clients love when they’re out and about and find a neighborhood they like and can just simply push a button in the app and find out all the details about a property they find interesting & can just click & contact me to either set up a showing or to bookmark and share with their friends/family for comment.

As a real estate professional the (functionality offered by the) Smarter Agent App is phenomenal. Say during a showing your client asks “How much is that house down the street? Or what did a house around the corner sell for?” I can instantly pull up the details on the whole local market by GPS positioning to see the status, features, pics and comparable properties for them. I can also bookmark it easily for future follow-up and sharing with them the most accurate listing info, considering how often the APP is updated. Real time data available right when I need it.

SA –           What would you say to an agent that was on the fence about mobile and Smarter Agent?

SN –                (The Smarter Agent App is) soooo worth checking out. You won’t realize how many ways it’ll be an extremely handy tool to add to your toolbox. It’ll not only be hugely appreciated by your clients, but also really help your own professional career as a real estate professional.

The other perk that’s not mentioned often with real estate professionals is how amazing the support you receive from Smarter Agent is. There’s always someone around to assist you with your branded or white label mobile real estate app, and they also do such a great job of promoting you and assisting you in marketing your new real estate application.

There’s so much training available and they constantly come out with ideas on new ways to utilize this tool to better serve your career and enhance your customer’s experience. Unlike other mobile app vendors, they have proven to me that they care greatly about all their real estate professionals they serve.

Plus, they’ve been at it longer than any other of the mobile real estate vendors. They not only address the tech of today, but anticipate & have solutions to you when then next hardware comes out. , not just another account to service. You get to know them and they get to know you. That, to me, is worth its weight in GOLD!!!

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager