Smash Your Doubts About Mobile Apps

If you have doubts about using a mobile app for your real estate business, consider the growth of Facebook. In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that their biggest mistake was underestimating mobile apps. Four years later their profits have grown from $3.7B to $15B with 80% of their incoming revenue generated by their mobile app.

Trust the data

Now let’s look to the most popular real estate app in the nation: Zillow. In 2015 they released a case study showing their website had the most traffic, but their mobile app held 95% of time spent on any of their platforms. This is consistent with the behaviors of all mobile users who spend 4 to 18 times longer in apps than web or mobile web.

Mobile apps are part of real estate

These stats are indicators of a behavior–the behavior that consumers are loyal to the brand that is easily accessible when they need information. Google found that 66% of consumers, on their recent purchases, chose a brand that they had no loyalty to because that brand gave them the information they wanted, faster and easier than the competition.

The real estate industry is not exempt from these behaviors. Smartphone ownership has gone from 35% to 72% over the last four years, creating a habit, a new appendage and one of the most dependent relationships that any of us have with a piece of technology. NAR found that 89% of real estate consumers used a mobile device in their last real estate search. Home buyers and sellers also read reviews on Amazon, ask for advice on Facebook and search for answers via Google. Why would they choose their Agent differently than they choose the rest of their services?

Results speak for themselves

Smarter Agent powers the mobile apps of hundreds of the most successful firms across the nation. Their success is the result of a higher understanding of their clients’ behaviors and making sure to serve the behavior just like they would serve a client’s needs. Two thirds of their clients come back into their apps month over month and 20% of their unique users convert to leads because their mobile apps provides the most accurate data available–not to mention in a way that their clients are used to.

Mobile apps are an investment in your brand, in your agents and in your clients. They have a proven ROI and one of the lowest costs-per-lead of any source. It will give your brand an edge in your market and serve your clients’ needs in a way that promotes genuine loyalty.

If someone tells you that mobile web is enough, they are living in the past.

You don’t have to take my word for it though, Mark Zuckerberg already told you back in 2012.

Article and artwork by our mobile expert: Luke Reid. Contact him at to learn more!