Atlanta Top Agent Uses her App to [Remotely] Connect with Clients and Grow her Business

Having done $16 million in sales in 2019, (and a consistent top 10 agent) in the bustling Atlanta metro area, Amy French of Ansley Atlanta Real Estate has nothing short of a positive outlook on her market and continues her plans to grow her already thriving business.

Amy credits being tech savvy to having “not missed a beat” when working with clients in this moment of unpredictability. “We’re in an interesting time. Remote collaboration is more important than ever. When I can’t be with my clients, it is yet another reason I am thankful to have my Ansley Atlanta app (powered by Smarter Agent).”

Here is how Amy’s is keeping ahead of client needs even when she can’t be with them in person:

Embrace (and Learn) Tech Now

“Ansley Atlanta is the leader in tech in our market (and one of the reasons I went there). Our research shows the majority of people search for their home online first. We put a lot of effort into training and into knowing how to use our app to keep up with our clients. Buyers and sellers want everything immediately, they now expect it. Knowing how to properly use our app allows us an advantage over other brokerages.”

Save Time with Your App

“I had a buyer who was searching in the app every night at 10 pm – almost like a magazine. She would send me her favorite properties, I would see it in my app right away and reach out to set appointments. Using email would have delayed her message and I would have had to try to make sense of attachments. Working in the app saved me a ton of go-between time, kept it organized and we were able to book showings before other buyers. She is now happily living in her dream home  she found in the app.”

Remotely Follow up with Leads

“Whenever I talk to a new client,  I say, ‘Hey, can I have your number, I want to share something fun with you?’ And I share my app with them right away. They are always impressed that I provide something complimentary. They get a “party favor” and I stick with them, because I am already providing value from the start.”

Information (and a niche) is Power

“When I started out, 14 years ago, I worked with a lot of lawyers. I had previously been a teacher so I had a knack for clearly breaking down the buying/selling process with a goal of leaving no stone unturned. My app helps with that, especially now. In these times clients want to be up on market shifts and the app can fill in the gaps with accurate, up-to-date information.”

Your Sphere of Influence is  your “Business Plan”

“The majority of my business comes from referrals and my sphere of influence; it is my business plan. Especially when you are starting out. Sharing your app can widen that network. I frequently ask my clients, ‘Hey, are you using your app?’ and they say, ‘Yes! We love it.’ So share the love, pass it on to a friend.”

Amy leaves us with hope, “Right now I am growing my business and I have no plan of slowing down. The Atlanta area is a fast paced metropolis and it’s only expanding  – even now. In time everyone will be back on the go and I will be ready with my app to keep up with my people!”

Thanks Amy! Follow her @amy_french1 and download her app if you are in the Atlanta metro area.

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