California Broker embraces tech and coaches agents to reach more clients in less time

With a background in electrical engineering, it is no surprise that Frank Lynch, CFO and business coach at All California Brokerage Inc., is training his 200+ agents to embrace tech and “step into the 22nd Century” with their Smarter Agent powered apps—especially at open houses. “I recently had a couple come up to me and ask, ‘Can I get your mobile app?’ I was shocked! It’s no longer a nice-to-have, but is expected, Lynch explained. My 30-40 year old clients are eating it alive!”

An app is no longer a nice-to-have, but is expected. My 30-40 year old clients are eating it alive!”

With his infectious enthusiasm and West Coast cool it’s easy to see how he excites his agents. One of the main things he teaches them is to immediately replace their business card with their app and share it with their entire contact list.

“My agents get 200-300 people downloading their app. If they were relying on traditional outreach alone they would only reach 2-3 people in that time.” 

He had tried Zillow in the past, but always had issues. People say “Oh I already have the Zillow app and my response to them is – well you’re getting an upgrade, you’re getting me!” He likes that his clients can contact only him and the simple effective tools. “With my Engage Portal, I see in real time what properties people are searching and make on-the-spot suggestions. Freaks them out how in tune I am, but it’s an amazing way to connect.”

As Chief Recruiting Officer and Business Coach Lynch has helped countless agents become top producers. He explains, “Real estate agents are the last mile in the transaction, this app takes you the rest of the way.”

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