How a top agent and her broker use their app to grow their firm and recruit top talent.

Upon first meeting top producer Joanna Schlansky and broker-owner Justin Ray of Elite Realty Experts at the NAR Annual conference this year, I knew they were the perfect duo to put in the Spotlight. With over 19 years of experience Joanna has become the opposite of complacent. “To be a top producer, you need creative, outside-the-box marketing like the Smarter Agent powered app to share with leads and set yourself apart from the competition.” Justin agrees that building a strong brand is key to repeat business and their app helps them do just that. “My agents love that when clients log into their app their picture and contact info is the first thing they see and that their prospects can only contact them and not another agent.” 

“never stop reinvesting in your brand and have a broad marketing portfolio including new tech.”

Joanna’s secret to longevity is to “never stop reinvesting in your brand and have a broad marketing portfolio including new tech.” She shares her app with past clients to reinforce customer loyalty and encourage referrals. “Joanna has been able to elevate Elite Realty Experts by her name recognition alone. She does such an unbelievable business that just having the Elite name attached to her has grown our brokerage,” Justin explains.

Justin is always on the lookout for new technology that will attract more top talent like Joanna to his team. “By offering the Smarter Agent app our brokerage gets leverage over other firms for superior talent. The app shows recruits that we provide the latest tools for them to succeed right from the start.” He encourages new agents to give their app link out to all new buyers they meet to get direct contact and convert prospects to leads. “Our Smarter Agent app shows the consumer that we are on top of the changing times, which gives them a sense of confidence and security when going forward and choosing to work with us over other firms.” 

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