Use Your App to Stand Out from the Crowd [and Your Comfort Zone]

With over 16 years in real estate and experience working in 6 counties, in the sprawling Greater Bay Area, Jacque Sabella of Realty One Group Elite has learned that you need to adapt to the latest technology – even if it’s challenging at first. She explains that “If you can’t keep up with your tech savvy clients, you’re going to lose them to your competition.”

Jacque credits Realty One Group’s innovative founder as being her inspiration to always keep moving forward. “From the beginning they have been the leaders in cutting-edge tools that keep you current. It is using the latest of what they provide, like our app that makes us stand out in our vast market.”

Jacque filled us in on how she engages her clients and uses her app to keep up. Snag her tips here:

Learn (and Use) the Tools Your Brokerage Provides

“Mobile real estate tech is the wave of our future. If you don’t try to grasp it, you’re going to be left in the dust. You have to be willing to push out of your comfort zone and learn what is provided to you, even if it doesn’t come naturally. You  need to be on the same wavelength as your clients and if you’re not, they won’t use you.”

Jacque and her son win 4th place for total sales volume for 2019 $20,000,000+ in sales.

A Fun Way to Stay “In Their Face”

“I love my app and so do my clients. Most of the time when you are trying to coordinate with people they are so busy. The app is a fun way to be “in their face” all of the time. You are right on their phone every day, and when they open it, the first thing they see is your picture and contact information.”

Follow Up and Share Your App in Multiple Ways

“I use my app as a follow up tool. It’s a great icebreaker when I’m reaching out. I can say “hey have you downloaded my app yet? What do you think?”  I also make sure that I share my app with clients via text and email so they have it in both places for easy access. They are always impressed that I am on their wavelength with new tech.”

Jacque uses her app to keep up while social distancing

Jacque uses her app to keep up with clients while social distancing.

Give Clients that  Instant Gratification they Need

“No clients are one type fits all. As a successful agent you have to mold yourself to them. I have clients that work at night and I need to be able to communicate with them at all hours. They want instant gratification – answers right now. They don’t even want to wait 24 hours, or they move onto someone else. Using my app allows me to keep up with their questions whenever they are available and need me. It arms me with the most up-to-date property information and shows I will go that extra mile.”

Secure Your Leads with Your App

“I always advise my clients not to go to Zillow (or other third party search sites). If they do instead of your app, you risk losing them to another agent. In your app they can only contact you! It is the perfect way of retaining and securing your leads.”

Jacque leaves us with one last piece of advice, “Even though I have built up a large sphere, I don’t stop working to stay top-of-mind. I  make an effort to push out of my comfort zone with tech and on social media. How can you be known if you are not putting yourself out there?!” 

Thanks Jacque! Follow her on Instagram @jacquesabella and reach out to her if you are looking for a home in the Greater Bay Area.

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