Make waves and grow your market share this summer


Your brand at your client’s fingertips

Show your community you are a brokerage firm committed to staying present and relevant.

Your personalized real estate app boasts awesome features and “WOW” factor engagement with your customers.

For brokerage companies, success relies on brand visibility and strong relationships. Having an app powered by Smarter Agent energizes your entire company. Take your company and your agents where your clients are – on their phones.

Your app will help your agents unlock referral and repeat business and have a tool that works 24/7 to help them engage, collaborate, and ultimately get the sale.

We put you on the same level with any national brand – one that includes a suite of mobile marketing and sales tools to grow your sales and increase your repeat and referral business. Our app focuses on your brand, so your agents can easily engage with your customers in the ways they want to be communicated with.

Cutting through clutter

All other apps prioritize their brand above yours. Why is this a problem? The market is saturated. It’s tough to stand out. These services are akin to newspaper ads: places to get some visibility, not places to create your brand or make a relationship with a client. Their relationships with consumers take precedence and make you subservient to their brand. They may provide you with “after the fact” branding once the consumer goes to their app. This keeps you subservient to their brand. Smarter Agent is different, and you can tell by our customers – names you know because they work at it!