Smarter Agent Spotlight: App gives sales boost to agent in the Sunshine State

Two and a half months ago, Jorge Estevez of Watson Realty in Jacksonville, Florida, was a fresh-faced newcomer looking to break into a cluttered real estate market with tons of competition.

For his first order of business as a brand new agent, Watson Realty offered him a personal branded app to connect with clients.

Jorge downloaded his app and, after studying its features and resources, was immediately impressed with its user-friendly interface, up-to-date listings and how easily he could reach out to his clients.

If I had not gone forward using the app from day one, I may not have had any sales or the leads I am working with currently.”

Jorge’s app compliments his real estate hustle. He encourages his clients and prospects to replace their Zillow apps with his Watson Realty app and is always impressing his clients with his attentiveness and level of access. Jorge invested his time and effort in sending his app to his friends, family and professional contacts and encouraged them to share it with their networks as well.

He also uses his app as a marketing tool. Jorge regularly sends properties to prospective clients who are still on the fence about purchasing a home. Recently, one of those prospects decided to drive past the listings he sent and made an appointment with him to view the ones he liked in person. That same client who was unsure about wanting to make a purchase ended up buying one of the properties Jorge suggested.

Jorge’s personal Watson Realty app has already resulted  in at least one sale, one listing and multiple rentals leased.

By promoting himself as an attentive and knowledgeable industry expert with his app, he earned the trust and confidence of his customers.


Jorge Estevez, Watson Realty