This past month, at the Inman Connect conference in Las Vegas, top producing agent Molly Hamrick dropped some serious knowledge on how to get yourself out of a sales rut: Ask yourself, “WTF?” —What the Fundamentals? In other words, what actions am I taking on a daily basis to improve my business?

“Your Sphere of Influence is a freakin goldmine. Don’t sit on your goldmine!”

Below are some key takeaways to help kick you into gear:

  1. We are still a face to face business no matter what the market” –  So pick up the phone. Call 5 Sphere of Influence clients a day and you will have more business than you know what to do with.
  2. Create more warm and fuzzy” – Your past clients like you, don’t be afraid to reach out to people that you already know or have worked with they will be happy to hear from a warm voice.
  3. “Own a hood”Your “hood” can become your Sphere of Influence. Become an expert near your home, the closer it is to your house, the more likely you are to door knock or host an open house.
  4. “Get to know your neighbors”Word of mouth is priceless, the neighbor who will never move may still recommend you as the “neighborhood expert” to a friend who is moving. 
  5. “Magic Rule” – 1, 7, 30 – #1 complaint about real estate agents – lack of communication. Let’s change that. Reach out to the buyer (even if you worked with the seller) on days 1, 7 and 30 after the transaction. Just to check in, see if they need anything, have they downloaded your app? Chances are the next time they go to sell, they will reach out to YOU because you kept in touch!

Need an icebreaker when reaching out to your Sphere of Influence? How about “download my app?” Mobile apps are the modern day calling card. They keep your agents memorable and accessible to their Sphere at any time.

Share your app with 10 Sphere of Influence contacts every week and follow up with them. After a year, those 500+ Sphere of Influence contacts will share your app with others. Soon, thousands of people will have your app in their hands. Routinely check in with your Sphere and ask them who could be interested in searching for homes with your app.