12 Reasons to Use the Smarter Agent Real Estate App

12 reasons to use Smarter Agent

1. Your Customers Are On Mobile, So Why Aren’t You?

80% of Americans have a smartphone, and 90% of homebuyers use their mobile device to search for houses. If you aren’t reaching out to those buyers, you’re losing money. It’s as simple as that.

2. Building Trust with Digitally Savvy Buyers

Millennials have exceeded baby boomers—and they are beginning to buy homes. But it’s not just people in their 20s; most people have embraced the digital life. Don’t look irrelevant; embrace your own mobile app instead.

3. Your App, Your Brand

Most real estate apps aren’t about you—they are about their own brand. Our app is the only real estate app designed to make YOU shine. We are happy to fade into the background and let you be the star of your app.

4. You Get All the Leads

Stop sending other agents your leads! With Smarter Agent, the leads all come to you. With just a tap, homebuyers can easily reach out to you via email, phone, or text. Stop letting other apps drive your buyers away.

5. We Work With Every MLS

Yes, your app will feature all MLS listings, not just yours—but again, all those leads will still come to you. Your customers get all the benefits of websites with MLS listings, but are still constantly funneled back to you.

6. Data & Analytics

You can track your downloads, users, and other important info on the professional end of your app. Today’s market is fueled by data, and at Smarter Agent, we help you find and understand the data you need to succeed.

7. It Connects To Your Site

Our mobile engagement page seamlessly connects to your website so buyers can download the app with one click. We also offer mobile detect so customers visiting your site from a mobile device are prompted to get the app.

8. Free for Buyers

Buyers pay not one red cent for your app, making it more likely they will download and use it. Buyers choosing to use your app = more sales. By offering this service free to your clients, you generate goodwill AND business.

9. Unlimited Downloads

Don’t worry—when you become the most popular real estate agent in your area thanks to Smarter Agent, you won’t have to pay extra for all those homebuyers using your app. So instead, hire some help with your extra cash.

10. We Are Getting Better Every Day

Our app continues to evolve, and is consistently creating new features to make your life easier. We are building the app you dream of, and you will love what Smarter Agent will be able to do for you and your buyers.

11. It’s More Than Just An App

Smarter Agent goes beyond being a simple app. It’s an app suite with native iPhone, iPad, and Android functionality. With additional back end available online with stats and other data, Smarter Agent serves as the ideal customer tool.

12. It’s A Wireless World

Increasingly, people are walking away from their desks and staying connected wirelessly. If your approach to customer engagement is web-based only, you aren’t reaching your customers. Smarter Agent allows a dynamic, on-the-go collaboration with homebuyers that they carry in their pocket.