Trulia Needs to Make Greater Strides in their Real Estate Data Accuracy to Catch Up…

In their recent year recap, Trulia Founder and CEO, Pete Flint made a point of noting that Trulia has made “great strides” with the quality assurance program which manages the accuracy of their MLS listings. He goes on to note that the QA system patrols their more than 400,000 listings for more accuracy for their client agents and buyers managing their property search.

As any mobile real estate platform provider will acknowledge, mobile real estate listing data accuracy is crucial to the viability of any mobile app. While Trulia may continue to “make strides” towards improved data accuracy, Smarter Agent avoids the potential pitfalls of third-party aggregators and goes right to the source for our home listing data: The MLS. Our home information and photos are the most accurate available — and it’s refreshed at least once daily! No aggregators, no multi-level data streams. It’s that simple.  

Above and beyond our straight-from-the-source real estate listings, we own the US patent on GPS-based location search for our almost 4,000,000 MLS driven listings. You can’t get more targeted than that.

Interestingly enough, one of our own staff recently placed her house on the market. Her listing was live within hours on Smarter Agent’s mobile real estate app, as it was through Trulia. The difference? The listing showing on Trulia was from a previous listing of her home that was more than a year old. From her blog post on the subject of data accuracy in  mobile real estate:

“Dan White, our Data Integration Manager, and asked him his thoughts on the importance of data quality in real estate.  ‘Data Quality in our industry is paramount; we as a mobile IDX company are trying to present our customers in the best light. This includes data being loaded in a timely and accurate fashion, following our MLS’s rules. This is where I think a lot of companies fall short. We deal with over 300 MLSs and we try to meet or exceed their expectations as well as our customers.’”

Great strides or no, the Smarter Agent’s listing accuracy is renowned, reliable and second to none in mobile real estate.

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager