Using MobiBoard Data and Competition to Drive Productivity

Your top selling agents are hardworking, competitive and take initiative – three qualities necessary for a successful Realtor©. Are you using their example to motivate your less stellar agents? Are you rewarding those that continue to increase firm revenue?

We recommend running a contest within your office or brokerage to drive competition and encourage your agents to share their apps with all of their social and business networks. More shares = more unique users = more sales.

Incentivize your agents who have the most leads, or active users, after 30, 60, or 90 days.

Your MobiBoard, which lives in your personalized app powered by Smarter Agent, features your agent leaderboard – a great tool for self promotion.  The leaderboard encourages your agents to share their app and position themselves as knowledgeable leaders in the field, which is paramount to success in the marketplace. Encourage your agents to monitor their standings in the leaderboard and offer incentives to reaching the coveted #1 spot.

For more tips on how to use MobiBoard to increase sales let us send you our FREE Mobile “Agent App Challenge Strategy” program. It’s easy and guaranteed to increase app usage among your agents.

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