Using MobiBoard to Perfectly Price Your Listing

Your MobiBoard helps agents price their listings competitively so it sells quickly while earning top dollar.

The tool’s property dashboard ranks the hottest and most viewed properties in your MLS. You’ll know what’s selling, how long it’s been on the market and be able to compare your new or current listing to the homes at the top of the leaderboard.

Take a look at how your properties stacks up to “the most-viewed listings” to find market advantages and similarities so you know what to highlight in your marketing.

When one of your listed property(s) is one of the most viewed on the leaderboard, share that with the sellers, this reinforces their reasons for choosing you, and the best way to ensure referrals.You can also share these most viewed properties with your sphere of influence network and on social media sphere to start a conversation about how YOU are the most qualified to sell their home.

For more tips on how to use MobiBoard to increase sales, jsit in on one of our 15-minute MobiBoard webinars.