What Did 2011 Mean for Mobile?

To be succinct, growth! Greg Stuart, Global Head of the Mobile Marketing Association shed some insight including these interesting stats which are affecting business as we know it:

  • U.S. Adults spent more than 10% of their time on mobile.
  • “There were 324 million handsets sold in 2011 alone. It was also the year in which mobile outstripped print, with U.S. adults spending more than 10% of their time on mobile, as opposed to only 4% for newspapers and 2.8% for magazines.”
  • Consumers love their tablets……Amazon was showing sales of 1 million units a week of their Kindle Fire going into the holiday season.
  • Consumers’ shift in media consumption to tablets is considerable; Amazon was showing sales of 1 million units a week of the Kindle Fire into the holiday, but what the impact on mobile advertising will be remains to be seen. The tablet is going to be a huge part of the future of mobile and will have a big influence on how brands and sellers approach marketing in the mobile channel.

As a natural result of this mobile device explosion, Mobile Advertising is growing FAST!

Mobile is growing at a faster rate right now than we saw during the formative years of the growth of Internet advertising. We’re also seeing how effective a channel it can be as mobile ad campaigns outstrip Internet campaigns in brand metric deltas in areas like ad awareness, purchase intent, and message association. But it’s important that mobile avoid the mistakes that the Internet made.

When you’re looking at your marketing mix for 2012, you can see it’s time to consider a mobile solution for your real estate business.  Contact us at gomobile@smarteragent.com for more information on a personalized solution for you and your business.

Read more: http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/164962/mmas-stuart-sees-tablets-exploding-mobiles-poten.html#ixzz1iVHJoBtU

~ Michele Lamm, Sales Executive, Smarter Agent