What do home search and fast food delivery have in common?

Now everyone uses apps to order food right from their phones, and they use customer reviews to make sure the delivery place is highly rated. It’s all about the reviews, and the repeat and referral business – just like real estate!

“Hello, I’d like to order a split level ranch-style house with three bedrooms, extra lawn space on the side?”

Your clients should be able to search for their dream home like they can search for a good late night Chinese delivery place or their next favorite slice of pizza!

Get your real estate company an app today to allow customers to browse homes like they would pizza places. Then, once clients find the home of their dreams using your app, ask them to write a consumer review of your app in the App Store or Google Play, depending on the device they use. This will increase your app’s ranking in the stores, and the better you are ranked, the higher you will appear in the app store search!

All our company app plans come with agent apps included – all your agents have to do is make sure to share the app with their sphere of influence and they’ll see the referrals roll in like never before!

Sign up for your own app and order up some new business for your brokerage! Email gomobile@smarteragent.com today!