What our partnership with KW means for you (and us)

Keller Williams (KW) became Smarter Agent’s sole shareholder by purchasing stock held by several of our private equity investors.  

As shared with Inman News, KW had several objectives.

One interesting objective is KW did not want another technology firm to acquire Smarter Agent. We’re flattered!  We currently support mobile products for KW and 300 other leading brokers – and KW wanted that to continue.

Another key objective is KW wanted to make an investment in Smarter Agent to speed deployment of new features and products to enhance the consumer experience. This also helps our product set available to our 300 brokerage company customers.

For Smarter Agent, this is the best of both worlds.  We continue to operate as a stand alone company. Our management and staff stays the same – nose to the grindstone. It’s business as usual at Smarter Agent. We’re the same people that wake up everyday thinking how we can help YOUR business.  

Important. Your confidential information is not shared with anyone.  Smarter Agent will retain data integrity between our customers. This is how we have always operated with over 300 brokerage companies and their 350,000+ agents on our SaaS (software as a service platform). No customer will ever see your users, leads or rosters – including KW. That’s how SaaS works!

We will continue to develop and sell mobile apps and data services to top brokerage companies in each market. We will continue to train your agents on their mobile apps so they sell more.

We’re here to help you win. More brokerage companies choose Smarter Agent than any other mobile solution because we help them get the most sales through mobile.  Our strength has always been providing superior technology and marketing geared 100% toward promoting and strengthening your brand.

We love working with our super smart (smarter agents!) customers. We appreciate our work together and the opportunity to provide you with a mobile competitive advantage to stand out in your marketplace.


Thank you!  

Team Smarter Agent