Get the Word Out – Three Marketing Options for your Real Estate App

You now have your own real estate search app, you have a text and QR codes functioning well and your download page is live on your website. Now what? You know how awesome your new mobile real estate application is, but how do you get the buzz building with your contacts and clients so they download and more importantly, use it for their property search?

There are a multitude of marketing options to get your real estate app “out there” to drive leads to your real estate office. Here are some online marketing options that will help to drive leads from your app for your real estate business.

Get Social

In real estate, the one-on-one communication between brokers or agents and their clients is paramount to successful closings. Your Social Media profiles and pages are an easy way for you to share your app with your contacts, friends and followers. A few tips:

  • Build your Facebook FAN PAGE and Add your Facebook Real Estate Tab.
  • Build a Twitter Profile and Tweet about your App (don’t forget to include a link to your download page for easy access).
  • Build a LinkedIn Profile and promote the benefits of the App within Groups or through shared blog posts
  • Blog about how your app can help homebuyers find their dream home faster and simpler!
  • Don’t forget to include a link to your download page in all your content!

QR Code your Marketing Materials

Your QR code is a direct link to your download page. Add it to your business card, your signage, your flyers and booklets at each and every open house or event so anyone you cross paths in the “real world” can easily scan it and visit your real estate app page. Even add it to your email signature so every communication you send becomes a marketing tool!

Remind and Remind Again

Email marketing is a reminder tool for businesses. Oftentimes, it takes multiple sends to one contact to obtain a response or action. When you send your email newsletters, no matter how often, be sure to include at least one (two or three is better) reminders of how easy your real estate app makes the local home search. Include tips on how to use refine a search using points of interest, how the GPS tool works on the go and the detailed and timely criteria available within your real estate app to promote more downloads, thus increasing your leads for more transactions.

Your real estate app is a valuable marketing tool for your business, but the way to allow it to be just that is to educate your clients and prospects the powerful tools it offers them in their search for a home. Diligence in this education can only result in a higher lead return within a more-educated client base. Can you say, “More sales”?