You (Will Be) Here! Relocation and Mobile Real Estate

REALTORS® – what percentage of your real estate clients are relocating home buyers? Chances are, you have a few on your prospect list right now. When a homebuyer is moving to a new location, the real estate purchase process falls more heavily on the agent or broker than when the client lives local to their new home site. With that in mind, GPS technology and its application to the real estate property search continues to garner attention from real estate brands.

Mobile real estate applications that include an accurate geo-location technology allow relocating home buyers to seek out active home listings in the region to which they are planning to move. Keep in mind the key word in the previous sentence is ACCURATE. Geo-location technology that is not accurate is useless for home hunters. Period.

Smarter Agent has been granted 5 United States patents governing the use of wireless location-triggered searching (such as via GPS) for real estate information, commerce and advertising related to any property or landmark from a user’s mobile device. There is no more accurate geo-location data in the mobile real estate industry.

When you share your Smarter Agent mobile real estate application with your relocating home hunters, you’re giving them the most accurate listing of more than 4,000,000 homes in 353 MLS around the country powered by the most accurate location tools available. In other words, you’re giving them the best mobile real estate home search tools to give them the best chance of finding the home of their dreams, no matter what neighborhood appeals to them.

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager