Your Customers are Mobile. Why Aren’t You?

In a recent interview with Mike Yonker, Vice President of the Digital Agency Rockfish, said it is “essential that brands have a mobile strategy.“

What does that mean to your business? 1.8 billion New phones/tablets are estimated to be shipped this year. Now more than ever people are spending more time using phones and tablets.

As Mike explains, “You have to fish where the fish are.”

It is important that REALTORS®, both agents and brokers get involved in the mobile movement to ensure that they are constantly available to their clients. Not only will your mobile strategy improve business to client relationships, it will also put you right where you need to be; in the center of a steadily growing trend, MOBILE! 

Mike gives a final warning to brands not taking mobile strategies seriously, “Brands have to pay attention (to mobile solutions) or they will become invisible.”

So, let me ask again, is your brand mobile?