Mobile Myths


By Eric Blumberg

There is enough information out there about mobile technology to make your head spin. I’m going to debunk a few of the most common myths to help you realize how easy it is to use the right mobile technology as a successful marketing tool.

Myth 1: Just hop on the iPhone bandwagon and you’re covered.
No one can ignore the iPhone phenomenon, but did you know iPhone and iPod Touch users only account for about 7 percent of the 265 million mobile phone users in the U.S.? You should read that as less than 7 percent of homebuyers. Smarter Agent recently conducted a national online survey and found that the most popular cell phones are:


Let’s not neglect them! Don’t commit solely to an iPhone application when there are more than 200 million other cell phone users in the U.S., many of whom are located in your local market. In order for agents and brokers to reach all their clients and prospects, Smarter Agent has created a mobile real estate search available on 95 percent of cell phones — smartphones and non-smartphones — alike.

Myth 2: Homebuyers are not demanding mobile search.
There have been more than one billion application downloads from Apple’s App Store — with BlackBerry App World and more application stores catching up. In a national survey we conducted, the awareness of mobile applications was impressive: 90 percent of respondents were aware that they can download apps to their cell phone. Smarter Agent’s real estate search reaches users on every platform so that they can use the one they’re comfortable with — text, premium mobile Web and fully downloadable applications.

Myth #3: You lose your brand in mobile.
Smarter Agent was created by real estate professionals for real estate professionals. We understand the importance of protecting your brand, which is why our mobile real estate search is branded with your name and logo, displays all your IDX MLS data and sends calls on every listing back to you, regardless of who listed the property.

Mobile is taking off. It’s time to carve your niche as the mobile innovator in your area and start reaching clients on the one device they never leave home without.

Eric Blumberg is the president of Smarter Agent. For more information, visit