Announcing our Newly-Developed Sign Up Page

Smarter Agent recently unveiled its newly-developed sign up page for real estate agents and brokers interested in taking their brand mobile with their very own branded native mobile apps and mobile web pages.

The new Smarter Agent sign up page with an easy 3 step process enables real estate agents and brokers to get their own branded mobile real estate applications and therefore compete in their local markets for the attention of fast growing mobile real estate buyer.

“It is our continued goal to improve the online experience for our site visitors and clients,” said Philip Charles-Pierre, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Distribution. “Our new sign up page revolutionizes the way real estate professionals can purchase and set up their own mobile real estate applications increasing adoption and allow them to quickly get to market with a competitive mobile solution of their own.”

When an agent or broker logs into the new page, they see a prompt screen where they can enter their office name and note themselves as an agent or broker/owner. This allows the custom-programmed page to recognize if the site visitor and provide them accurate pricing based on who they are.

The next steps allow the agent or broker to select added features for their custom branded application with real time pricing.

With this straightforward and simple process, branded mobile real estate applications from Smarter Agent will empower real estate professionals to put their brand, directly in the hands of prospective home buyers and sellers on the go.

Click here to try it.