Real estate brokers and agents can now engage with mobile app users by surfing a MobiBoard

Smarter Agent is proud to announce the launch of MobiBoard today. MobiBoard is an analytics and customer insight tool for real estate brokers and their agents focused on mobile app usage data. Realty apps in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store are where home sellers and buyers spend the most time and are the most engaged. Brokers have not had insights about their mobile app users until now.

MobiBoard is a compliment to apps powered by Smarter Agent. It uses a machine learning algorithm based on user activity and behaviors to help brokers and agents increase sales and client engagement.

MobiBoard helps broker-owners get the most from apps they provide to their agents via activity indicators and leaderboards that they can use for market intelligence and training.

For agents, MobiBoard provides metrics to enhance their business by making them aware of how they can leverage the most effective keys to their business.  75% of the average agent’s sales come from three areas: 1) referrals, 2) repeat business and 3) their community, business and personal spheres of influence.  The way people share properties and apps on mobile with their family, associates and friends can exponentially grow an agent’s customer base.

With MobiBoard, brokerage firm owners can pick any date range and view:

  • A summary of their app’s usage
  • How their agents are engaging with their apps via Smarter Agent’s proprietary algorithm
  • Their most active agents
  • The hottest properties in their market as viewed via mobile devices

With MobiBoard, each individual agent can pick any date range and view:

  • A summary of how many clients and prospects use their app
  • How engaged clients and prospects are with their app via a proprietary activity score
  • Who their most active users are
  • The hottest properties in their market and where their listings rank
  • How many clients and prospects they have compared to their peers

Smarter Agent began rolling out the initial beta release of MobiBoard in June with select customers, such as Douglas Elliman. Jeff Hummel, Douglas Elliman’s Chief Technology Officer, recently told Inman News, “After extensive research, we are now able to deliver a client and agent-facing, feature-rich app that will enhance the profitability of our agents and brokers.” Many brokers are hesitant to introduce technology for their agents out of fear of adoption. Jeff Hummel notes why an app powered by Smarter Agent helped them overcome that hurdle, “Not only is the app easy to use, but it is a fun tool, utilizing tracking and ‘gamification,’ which allows agents to see how they are sharing versus their peers.”

MobiBoard is the first release built on the massive big data platform developed by Smarter Agent for the real estate sector. Smarter Agent is built on a Netflix-like technology stack that can deliver personalized content and recommendations to users. Unlike many data firms operating with little data, Smarter Agent is able to leverage its deep 10+ year historical database of mobile data usage and consumer behavior with its breadth of apps on its SaaS platform. Smarter Agent operates the most real estate brokerage apps in North America.  

Smarter Agent developed MobiBoard to deliver insights to brokers and agents in an engaging manner by creating a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. MobiBoard will be available on all apps powered by Smarter Agent, with its formal rollout beginning this week. “We decided to focus on mobile analytics first because that’s where the consumers are – and brokers and top producers are learning they need to shift towards mobile which has far greater ROI than web based leads. Thus we picked the name MobiBoard for our first big data product release because it’s no ordinary dashboard,” said Brad Blumberg, a founder of Smarter Agent.