A curated collection of experts

Brad Blumberg

CEO, Founder.

Mobile and Real Estate. University of Pennsylvania, Masters. Dickinson College.

Eric Blumberg

CTO, Founder.

Mobile and Architecture. University of Florida, Masters. University of Wisconsin.

Smarter Agent is also led by:

Shawn V.

Director of Enterprise Architecture

Glen A., Jay W., Craig B.

Engineering Leads

Sid K. and Mohammad S.

Mobile Leads

Dan W.

Data Lead

Maria W., Dasha G., Deanna B.,
Kevin D., Marnie L.

Client Success Leads

Rebecca L.

Scrum / QA Leads

Ron D., Amy M., Linda W.

Sales Directors

Sarah A.

Marketing Lead

Erick R.

Platform Lead

Board of Directors

Alex Wasilov

Former COO, Kodak

Ira Lubert

Chairman, Independence Capital Partners

Dick Bell

Former CEO, Catalina Marketing

Bruce Lesser

Esq., Investor

Brad Blumberg

CEO / Founder, Smarter Agent

Eric Blumberg

CTO / Founder, Smarter Agent

Howard Shecter

Esq., Reed Smith