How a Team Leader Uses Her Real Estate App + Her Southern Roots to Stand Out

For a leader like Paula McDaniel, she is serious about success for not only herself, but those around her. She has assembled a team of 4 with over 50 years combined real estate experience, over $471,000,000 in sales, and she has been a Million-dollar producer for the past 29 years.

As a Chattanooga native, Paula has built her business on her well known southern family and deep Tennessee roots. But in spite of her rich history, there is nothing “old school” about Paula and her team. Always on the move, they don’t have time for “stale” property data. “We introduce our  Real Estate Partners Chattanooga App (powered by Smarter Agent) to all clients and prospects in our initial meetings. This ensures they get the freshest property info and our team [and their dream home] is just one click away.”

To learn more about how Paula and her team infuse tried and true methods with the new tools like their real estate app, read on:

Ability for Clients to See Homes Faster

“In the recent competitive market, we need to get our client’s into showings – fast. We advise new buyers to start with the “Closest Homes” feature in our app right away. It is GPS enabled, so it brings up all active listings in their favorite neighborhoods – even without “For Sale” signs. They can contact us on-the-spot or send us their favorite properties right from the app, and we can set up a viewing before other prospective buyers. We like to say if you use our app – Your dream home is just one click away.”

“Once you work with us, we take you in like family. Which is why clients work with us for years to come.”


Helps Secure Leads Over Competitors

“With the Real Estate Partners Chattanooga Logo and our direct contact info, our app keeps us top-of-mind. Especially if your buyer is out with a friend or shares it with a colleague who may be in the market for example. If your client starts to use Zillow, you risk losing them to another agent. Anything we can do to keep traffic off of Zillow we love and our app does just that!”

Sharing Your App Expands Your Sphere

“Even though The Paula McDaniel Group is a household name, we never stop marketing and that includes sharing our app – everywhere. Of course we share it with all new clients, but it doesn’t stop there, we also include our link or QR code in our monthly newsletter, listing packet, open houses materials, and post about it consistently on social media. We even include a postcard just about the app at trade shows in the take away bags.”

Paula McDaniel and her team post about their app frequently to let their clients know the benefits of working with their Real Estate Partners Chattanooga App

“Even though The Paula McDaniel Group is a household name, we never stop marketing and that includes sharing our app – everywhere.”


Understanding Our Clients is What Sets Us Apart

“Buying a home is a very emotional process. It can be one of the most happy but also stressful and devastating experiences. I have built my business on real estate experience and keeping current with market trends, but also on my commitment to open communication and heartfelt understanding with our clients. Once you work with us, we take you in like family. Which is why clients work with us for years to come.”

Adapt to the Market of the Moment

“Having had the ability to depend on our app and virtual tools was key to keep our business going when we had to distance, last spring and many of these practices are here to stay. A phone call is great, but video chatting and virtual tours were irreplaceable. Being able to see clients faces and reactions is essential in knowing how to guide them through the homebuying process.”

Last Word

Paula also shares with us what makes a superior team:

 “What makes my team outstanding is that we all have each other’s backs so to speak. If one person isn’t as knowledgeable about a topic, someone else can jump in – so there is never a lag. Having that reliability and breathing room allows us the ability to all be our best selves for our clients.”

Follow Paula and her team on Instagram @thepaulamcdanielgroup and download her app if you are in Chattanooga, TN or North Georgia.

-Rachel Paolucci, Marketing & Training Lead

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